Delphi Source Page

Some of my published Freeware projects mostly written in Borland Delphi (a Pascal based visual programming language for Windows)

CompuCopier V 2.1 a copy program for your scanner and printer, English version with source, German version(it's a Windows3.1 TWAIN16 application!)

IIC Bus - Universal V 1.2 a program (Executables - Source) to control I²C-Bus devices at the parallel port, for any passive I²C-Bus Interface (e.g. Philips, Eagle-files and pdf), with E²PROM editor. Price winning tool (3th national price in Elektor's International Electronic Software Competition 1996). If you want to use the sources you need the component DStamp too. Attention: Use "Default Settings for output":BaseAdr+2 = DF with newer MoBo's. For Win2k or XP you need userport.sys (cached here).

DStamp V 1.1 is a version stamping component; special feature: a version count property which increments after each 'open and change' of the project

FntAngle Unit with functions to change the escapement (angel) of a font of a canvas off topic :-) schematic and pcb (Eagle) for the Lattice parallel port JTAG interface. off topic :-) schematic and pcb (Eagle) for a PC-watchdog (Resets the PC if there are no more beeps in the speaker.) Small dll for DraftBoard that allows scrolling with the middle mouse button.

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